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Carers Trust Professionals Website

Welcome to Carers Trust Professionals website, which we have built specifically so that anyone working professionally with carers has access to the best information available on the internet. Our aim is to provide you with access to knowledge sourced from our nationwide network of carers centres and schemes that will help you provide the best quality of support to the carers that you work with.

Working with Adult Carers - Health

Health professionals working with adult carers can access information, resources and good practice examples on identifying and supporting carers, including primary care, hospitals and mental health.

Working with Adult Carers - Social Care

Social care professionals working with adult carers can find dedicated information, resources and examples here to help them put best practice into action.

Working with Young Carers

The information here is designed to help professionals in all areas work more effectively with young carers. It covers everything from identification of young carers, through to the transition to adulthood.

New Young Adult Carer research

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New Young Adult Carer research

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