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The Princess Royal Trust Greater Pollok Carers Centre

The Princess Royal Trust, Greater Pollok Carers Centre provides practical and emotional support to carers.

Carers can be wives, husbands, partners, parents, daughters, sons, or neighbours who look after a relative or friend of any age who has: a physical disability, a learning disability, mental ill health, dementia, is dependent on alcohol or drugs or who is elderly and frail.

Caring for someone can be very rewarding, but it can also be very demanding. You may be worried about the person you care for, your finances or your health. You may be tired or under stress and you could benefit from having someone to talk to.

What the Carers Centre offers

Information and Advice
We provide benefit checks and help to fill out forms, information on local services and help to access services from the Social Work Department, Housing, N.H.S and The Benefits Agency. You can access this service through our outreach surgeries, over the phone or through a home visit.

Carers Support Groups
Our Carers Support Group meets once a week and has a speaker every month. We also have a range of activity based groups. If you require respite for the person you care for then we will help to arrange this for you.

Training for Carers
We provide moving and handling training and computing training for carers

Having a Voice
We have a campaigning group and are members of The Glasgow Carers Network and The Carers Coalition. Through these forums we help to campaign for a better deal for carers.

Carer Quality of Life tool launches
A new manual to provide health and social care practitioners with a tool to measure the quality of life of adult, unpaid carers has been launched today (Thursday 17th February 2011). The Adult Carer...

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Carers' News

Scottish Young Carers Festival 2010
New figures have shown that almost 90 per cent of Scottish young carers feel that their schools and GPs do nothing to support them – and that is despite the fact that young carers save the public purse...

Consultation on Carers Strategy 'Refresh'
Paul Burstow MP, Minister for Care Services, has announced a consultation on what the Government should prioritise to support carers from 2011-2015. This will focus on how best to deliver the five...

Mental Health and the Triangle of Care
The Princess Royal Trust for Carers and the National Mental Health Development Unit today published a guide which emphasizes the need for better local strategic involvement of carers and families in...

Caring Together and Getting it Right
The Princess Royal Trust for Carers welcomed the Scottish Government’s Caring Together and Getting it Right for Young Carers strategies launched on 26 July 2010 at The Princess Royal Trust Lanarkshire...

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