Triangle of Care in Wales

Triangle of Care in Wales

Carers Trust Wales and the Royal College of Nursing are delighted to have been able to explore an adaptation of the Triangle of Care to meet the needs of carers of people with dementia in acute hospitals in Wales.

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  • Supports acute hospitals to ensure carers of people with dementia are identified and supported.
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The Triangle of Care, Carers Included: A Guide to Best Practice in Dementia Care, Wales Edition

Carers Trust Wales has been extremely keen to build on the success of the Triangle of Care model in England and Scotland  by advocating and supporting the implementation of the Triangle of Care standards for carers accessing services in local health boards across Wales.

Funded through the RCN Foundation, the recent development of a Triangle of Care for dementia Wales edition has been a collaborative effort between the Royal College of Nursing and Carers Trust Wales. It has been developed from the original Triangle of Care for dementia, which was co-designed with carers, people with dementia and practitioners, with the support of Uniting Carers and Dementia UK. 


According to the National Assembly for Wales Research Service, dementia is the top health concern in Wales and yet Wales has the lowest rate of diagnosis across all UK nations at just 43%. There are an estimated 45,000 people in Wales currently living with dementia and this figure is predicted to rise steadily over the next decade bringing with it dramatic financial and human impact. The cost to the Welsh economy is an estimated £1.4bn a year which includes costs to the NHS and social services, although research shows that people with dementia, carers and their families currently bear around two-thirds of the costs themselves (National Assembly for Wales Research Service, 2016).

In Wales, 50% of health boards have shown an active interest in implementing a Triangle of Care model and support is growing within other health boards throughout Wales. We hope the new Welsh edition for best practice in dementia care can lead to consistent carer involvement and support across all health and social care services irrespective of where and when a person is being treated. The partnership between Carers Trust and the Royal College of Nursing has been incredibly positive and we hope that this can be replicated across health services with nurses and carers working as partners.

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For further information on the Triangle of Care in Wales contact Carers Trust Wales.