What is a Carer Friendly Pharmacy?

What is a Carer Friendly Pharmacy?

Led by Carers Trust and partners PSNC and CPPE, the Carer-friendly Pharmacy model was designed by carers, carers organisations, Local Pharmaceutical Committees, community pharmacy staff, a GP Champion for Carers and a local authority Carers Lead.

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What makes a pharmacy 'carer-friendly'? 

  • Staff are trained to be carer aware, sensitive to carers’ needs and the challenges they face and are confident in engaging with and supporting carers.
  • Staff are pro-active in identifying, referring and supporting carers.
  • The pharmacy team has a Carers Champion,  along with a deputy, whose role it is to encourage and facilitate carer referrals, act as a contact point for external agencies such as the local carers organisation and GP practices and maintain stocks of resources.
  • Posters and/or other related materials encourage carers to self-identify, where space allows.
  • There are agreed carer pathways and procedures in place using PharmOutcomes software (or similar) to refer the carer to their local carers organisation, notify the carer's GP and offer the carer pharmacy services to support them in their caring role.
  • Where available, carers are offered a flu vaccination.



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