Student Carers in Further Education

Student Carers in Further Education

Carers Trust in partnership with NIACE has published a new guide to support students with caring responsibilities in further education colleges.

Key Points: 

  • Why it’s important for your college to support young adult carers.
  • Developing policy and a college commitment to young adult carers.
  • Top tips for colleges and college staff supporting student carers.
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This new resource will enable further education colleges to gain a greater understanding of the challenges that this group of students face and how they can be better supported to remain and succeed in further education.

PDF iconSupporting Students with Caring Responsibilities: A Resource for Colleges and Services to Help Young Adult Carers Succeed in Further Education

“If I was told that I couldn’t have my phone on I would just leave college – my mum needs to be able to contact me quickly in an emergency.”
Young adult carer (taken from the Top tips for colleges and college staff supporting student carers section of the guide)

Who is the resource for?

This practical resource is designed for use by managers and staff working in further education colleges and carers services supporting young and young adult carers.

The resource: 

  • Increases awareness and understanding of young adult carers and their specific needs.
  • Outlines who young adult carers are, the challenges they face and how their caring roles can impact on their education.
  • Draws together some of the good practice that is already being developed in some colleges.
  • Makes recommendations for how student carers can be supported to sustain their participation in learning, achieve their potential and succeed.