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Carers Trust Professionals is for everyone who works with carers. Each page is grouped into a number of areas. If you're not sure what to search for, try clicking one of the categories below.

Areas of care

The areas of care covered on this site are acute carealcohol misusedementiamental healthphysical illnessprimary caresecondary carespecial education needsspecialist services and substance misuse.

Outcomes of care

The outcomes of care covered on this site are carer awareness, carers in employment, health inequalities, identifying carers, integration, prevention, and wellbeing.

I work in

The areas of work covered on this site are carers services, carers involvement, carers breaks, information and advice, commissioning for carers, commissioning for young carerspharmacy services, commissioning, education, employment, health care, primary care, hospitals, mental health care, health and wellbeing and social care.

I work with

The types of carers covered on this site are adult carers, families, parent carers, sibling carers, young adult carers and young carers.

Caring for

Caring for adults, older adults, young people and children.


The locations covered on this site are England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or the Whole of the UK.