National Carers Strategy

Carers’ Strategy (England) 2008-2018, refreshed 2010

The National Carers’ Strategy published in 2008 set five outcomes to be achieved by 2018, so that carers will be:

  • recognised and supported as an expert care partner
  • enjoying a life outside caring
  • not financially disadvantaged
  • mentally and physically well, treated with dignity
  • children will be thriving, protected from inappropriate caring roles.

In order to achieve these outcomes, the strategy suggests that strategic planning must be carer-led, that services should actively identify and include carers, and that commissioning should take a whole-area approach.

The Coalition Government refreshed this strategy in 2010 retaining these aims but inserting four priority areas:

  1. Supporting early self-identification and involvement in local care planning and individual care planning.
  2. Enabling carers to fulfill their educational and employment potential.
  3. Personalised support for carers and those receiving care.
  4. Support carers to remain healthy.

Acting on these priorities to achieve the five outcomes is the overall goal of the refreshed National Carers’ Strategy and the basis for successful commissioning of services. 

For more information about how these outcomes and priorities originated and the long-term plans to achieve them, read Recognised, Valued and Supported: Next Steps for the Carers' Strategy and the original strategy document, Carers at the Heart of 21st Century Families and Communities.

Details of how to assess the services in a particular area in relation to the Carers' Strategy can be found in Commissioning for Carers: an Action Guide for Decision-Makers and Commissioning Better Outcomes for Carers

Strategy for Carers in Scotland 1999

The Strategy for Carers in Scotland 1999 provides the basic template for the local Council strategies that they are required to publish on a regular basis. There are local variations to these documents. 

National Carers Strategy (Wales) 2000

Reviewed each year with an action plan, this is currently being reviewed in the light of the National Carers Strategy (England) 2008.