Retirement on Hold: supporting older carers report

Retirement on Hold: supporting older carers report

The Retirement on Hold report by Carers Trust highlights the issues older carers face and makes recommendations on how their lives can be improved. Thank you to all the carers and Network partners who contributed.
Retirement on Hold report

Download the Retirement on Hold report (PDF, 406KB)

Key findings from our report

  • Care coordination – carers said they were spending too much time, and became stressed and anxious when trying to organise care and support for the person with care needs. 
  • Carers are caring for someone else when they have their own age-related health condition.
  • The pressures around carers feeling they had a 'duty to care' – the Care Act recognises that caring should be a choice.
  • Lack of appropriate replacement care to enable carers to take a break. 

Our key recommendations

  • Access to a 'care coordinator' – many older carers felt this would help them navigate the health and care system. It is recognised that with limited resources this may not be feasible, however, earlier referral to a carer organisation may help improve the situation for carers. 
  • Appropriate and timely access to information and advice about support available locally, nationally and UK wide. This information would need to recognise that not all older carers are able to access the internet.
  • Improved access to appropriate and good quality replacement care.

If you know a carer who is looking for support please direct them to our local support on or ask them to phon 0300 772 9600 or email