The role of the Pharmacy Carers Champion

The role of the Pharmacy Carers Champion

Details of the skills, knowledge and role of the Pharmacy Carers Champion.

The role of the pharmacy carers champion includes:

  • attending carer awareness training
  • attending Carers’ Champion meetings, a maximum of twice a year
  • maintaining and refreshing your Carers Notice Board or other information point for carers within your pharmacy
  • displaying and maintaining supplies of carers’ leaflets and, where possible, posters in your pharmacy
  • identifying yourself to customers as a Carers’ Champion by having your name displayed on your Carers’ Notice Board and wearing a Carers’ Champion badge or sash
  • co-ordinating carer referrals and other initiatives relating to carers
  • reading Carers Champion E-bulletins and brief colleagues.

Skills and knowledge

  • enthusiasm and motivation for the role
  • basic understanding of carers’ needs or a willingness to learn
  • empathy for carers.

A Carers Champion is not expected to be an expert on ‘carers issues’ or provide carers with one-to-one support.   

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