Supporting Carers in Primary Care Learning Event – presentations

Supporting Carers in Primary Care Learning Event – presentations

View the presentations from the Supporting Carers in Primary Care Learning Event that Carers Trust hosted in November 2014.

These presentations will be useful for  staff from carers services and other organisations who support carers in primary care.  You can also preview what was covered in the workshops. 

Morning plenary presentations 

Policymaking to primary care practice making it happen at the sharp end (Moira Fraser, former Interim CEO and Head of Policy, Carers Trust)

Moira Fraser explained that much needs to be done to turn the rhetoric into reality and overcome the barriers facing carers organisations working with the NHS to identify carers. 

Cosying up: how CCGs can partner carers (Dr Michael Taylor, Lead GP for Carers Services at Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale CCG)

Find out which strategies Dr Michael Taylor recommends to improve support for carers by working in partnership with CCGs.

RCGPs supporting carers in general practice programme (Dr Nazia Mohammed, Clinical Champion for Carers, RCGP)

Dr Nazia Mohammed provided an overview of the College’s work to improve carer identification and support in general practice.

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Morning workshops 

Delegates were able to choose between the following morning workshops:  

How to network effectively across the health economy to maximise support for carers (Michelle Pilling Lay, Advisor Quality & Patient Experience, East Lancashire CCG)

An overview of the current landscape in health and the opportunities to maximise the impact of the Primary Care Identification Worker.

GP audits and GP investors in carers standard accreditation (Louise Shaw, Primary Care Lead & Carer Assessment Support worker and Hazel Wright, Adult Services Manager, Northampton Carers)  

Outlines the successes and challenges of co-produced primary care Interface work over five years with specific focus on the implementation of annual audits and the launch of Northamptonshire Investors in Carers Standard accreditation.   

Developing and maintaining a carers links network in Salford (Julia Ellis, former Development Manager for Primary Care and Outreach, Carers Trust)

Provides an overview of the successful and well-established Carers Links Network in Salford. Learn how the service that provides 300 referrals per annum from the primary care sector was established, developed and maintained.

Effective monitoring and evaluation tools to assess the impact of emotional support services for carers (Clare Edwards, Carer Health Worker, West Cumbria Carers)

Explores how to effectively assess the impact of services in supporting carers’ mental wellbeing using questionnaires developed by NICE.  

We also held a workshop on young carers which was  led by Rick Bolton, Dr Nazia Mohammed and Daniel Phelps. It was agreed we all need to work together to generate a culture of change and focus on developing good long term relationships to encourage lengthy engagement. Solutions discussed included:

  • A whole family approach - ensuring young carers are identified when parents present with chronic illness for example.
  • GP awareness training - the same read code would be used for young carers as adult carers.
  • Remembering that primary care is much wider than GP surgeries.
  • NHS employees’ awareness training.
  • Continued identification through schools / colleges.
  • Identifying young carers early through health visitors and children’s centres.
  • Importance of relationships such as a long-term relationship between pharmacy staff and families.
  • Professionals having the awareness of young carers and the confidence to ask appropriate questions.
  • Important to find champions with passion to drive work forward in own establishments.

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Afternoon plenary presentations

Community pharmacy - how can it help support carers (Alastair Buxton, Head of NHS Services at PSNC) 

Describes the community pharmacy services which can support carers and the Carers Trust / Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee pilot to test carer identification in community pharmacies in England.

Supporting the health and wellbeing of carers (Wendy Nicholson, Professional Officer for School and Community Nursing at the Department of Health)

Demonstrates that community nurses are keen to extend their understanding of carers’ needs and to ensure carers’ wellbeing needs are met.

Further guidance on supporting adult carers through community nursing can be found on the Supporting adult carers through community nursing page.

NHS England commitment to carers - can it make a difference (Jen Kenwood, Head of Patient Experience – Community, Primary and Integrated Care, NHS England)

Described NHS England’s commitment to carers, which comprises 37 commitments spread across eight key priorities, from raising the profile of carers to person-centred coordinated care. 

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Afternoon workshops

Delegates were able to choose between the following afternoon workshops:

The carers health team: a methodology to prevent carers falling between the gaps in our systems (Geoff Coleman, Chief Executive, Crossroads Care South Central)

Explored using a collaborative approach to support carers involving a partnership between Crossroads Care, Carers Health Team (NHS) and Carers Support West Sussex.

Carer awareness training for pharmacies (Anne Cole, Regional Manager South West, CPPE)

A guide to the new carer-awareness training resources for pharmacy teams co-produced by the Centre For Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) and Carers Trust to improve the identification and referral of carers and how this fits into the Carer Friendly Pharmacy Pilot.

Supporting carers through integrated care (Helen Brown, Health Development Lead Carers Resource, Harrogate) 

Evidences the value of providing support for carers by establishing a service for carers within Integrated Care Teams. It highlights the success of the service in identifying and reaching out to ‘hidden’ carers and the benefits to all the multi-disciplinary professionals involved.

Supporting carers through e-learning for community nurses (Jennie Whitford – Carers Project Manager, QNI) 

Explores the digital Carers Resource for community nurses which has been developed by The Queen's Nursing Institute in collaboration with nurses working in the community.