Who are young adult carers?

Who are young adult carers?

Young adult carers are transitioning from childhood into adulthood, and they often go unidentified and unsupported.

Young adult carers are transitioning from childhood into adulthood. There is no legal age definition for young adult carers, although Carers Trust’s support work focuses on young adults aged between 14 and 25 who care, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support.

Young adult carers often go unidentified and unsupported, but the negative impacts of caring on young adults, which often increase as they grow older, can have a negative and enduring impact on their own physical health, mental health, education and employment opportunities.

How many young adult carers are there in the UK?

The 2011 census identified more than 375,000 young adult carers in the UK, but this is believed to be a huge underestimate of the true numbers as many young adults hide their caring role or do not identify themselves as carers.

Why do young adult carers need support?

Young adult carers take on significant additional responsibilities which can make the typical transitions from childhood into adulthood especially complex and challenging.

The difficulties they experience as a result of their caring role can have significant and long term negative impacts on their confidence, socialisation, their engagement with education and employment and their overall physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Many young adult carers experience issues with their educationemployment and health.

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